Adjustment Styles and Expression of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders among Selected Police in Osogbo Metropolis


This study explores the exposure to post-traumatic stress disorder among the police and expression of PTSD with the resultant adjustment strategies utilization to cope with PTSD. Descriptive survey research design was employed to select 200 respondents using simple random technique and Taro Yamane to determine the sample size. Self structured three sections questionnaire was used in data collection which lasted for the period of four months and descriptive statistics was used to analyse the collected data. The result revealed that the respondents mean age was 35.65±5.97 and majority of the respondents were men. The respondents expressed exposure to PSTD at various degree where “a little bit” on likert scale with mean value of 56.82±7.54. All the respondents adopted various adjustments strategies to combat PTSD which resulted in effective coping mechanism. In conclusion, the respondents’ ability to cope with post-traumatic stress disorders was in tandem with active middle age and readiness to defend the sovereignty of their nation.

Keywords: Expression Adjustment Styles, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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