Factors Influencing Substance Abuse amongst Selected Commercial Motorcyclists in Ogbomoso Metropolis, Oyo State, Nigeria


Background: The use of motorcycle (Okada) for carrying passengers from me destination to another for commercial purposes has crept into Nigerian’s transportation activities and gradually becoming most popular, possibly because it is faster especially when there is terrible hold ups and can also drop an individual at his door step. Nevertheless, it has added greatly to the incidence of road accidents whereby special Orthopaedic departments are created in Nigerian hospitals to attend to accident victims. The recklessness and misbehaviours of the motorcyclists has been traced to substance abuse. Methodology: A total 207 participants were selected using cross sectional convenience sampling methods having determined the sample size using Yamane sample size determination method. The research adopted descriptive design. The instrument for data collection was designed by the researchers adopting if from the literature review and ESPAD questionnaire descriptive analysis while the hypotheses were tested using inferential analysis of “t” test and ANOVA at 0.05 level of significance on the SPSS version 21 window. Results: Study revealed that the most commonly used drugs include alcohol, cigarettes, palm wine local gin and herbal gin mixtures. These drugs are ready available and are also affordable to them. The result showed that peer influence is the major factors influencing substance abuse among the respondents, followed by recreational purposes and affordable respectively. There was significant difference between married and unmarried commercial motorcyclists on factors influencing substance abuse. Conclusion: It was concluded that period lectures and sensitization programes should be carried out to reduce the accidents associated with misbehaviors amongst motorcyclists as a results of drugs abuse.


Keywords: Factors Influencing, Metropolis, Ogbomoso, Substance abuse, commercial motorcyclists

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