Nigeria: Can Cross River State Achieve The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) In The Health Sector By 2015?


The paper reviews outcomes of efforts made by the Cross River State Government towards the achievement of MDGs in the health sub-sector in Nigeria. Using descriptive statistics and comparative analysis to illustrate deviations from set targets the paper reveals that, in spite of the robust effort of government, achieving the MDGs in the health sub-sector in Cross River State by 2015 will be very challenging, partly due to inadequate responses to bring about the required decrease in the burden of malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS in the State. To bridge the observed gap, the paper recommends rehabilitation of health facilities and provision of equipment and personnel in existing health facilities; increased budget provision for health care services; building strong and robust partnership with support agencies and other sector actors; development of effective health sector policy in the State, as possible quick wins.

Keywords: HIV/AIDS, MDGs, Malaria, Tuberculosis

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 1-37 (Download PDF)

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