Soil Chemical Quality Assessment of Some Land Uses In Imo State, Nigeria


This study was conducted in Imo State, Nigeria to assess the Chemical quantities of some land using soil management assessment framework (SMSF) techniques. Three land uses namely; the grass land, continuously croppedand forest land. Soil profile representations were established in each of the physiographic units and soil samples collected from the pedogenetic horizons for the analysis of some chemical properties. The chemical properties investigated were the soil pH.organiccarbon, total nitrogen, available phosphorus, the exchangeable cations of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, cation exchange capacity and electrical conductivity. Analytical values obtained using the SMAF were combined into quantitative index based on the critical value of the soil properties. The results of this study showed that the grass land, continuously cropped and forest land were moderately acidic with mean pH values 5.43, 5.38, and 5.65. The organic matter contents were low in grass land and continuously cropped with mean values of 0.43 and 0.41 but moderate in the forest land with mean value of 0.82. Total K, available P and exchangeable K were low in grassland and continuously cropped with mean value of 0.96gkg-1, 0.85gkg-1 for N, 12.20mgkg-1, and 12.14mgkg-1 for P in grass land and continuously cropped respectively. The forest land had high sodium content with mean value of 0.74 and high electrical conductivity with a mean 4.91 dsm-1. The results revealed high chemical quality of forest land and low to moderate qualities of the grass land and continuously cropped.

Keywords: Assessment, Imo State, land use, soil chemical quality

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