Experimental Study on Effect of Concrete Made With Textile Effluent and Treated Effluent Water


This paper deals with study of possible utilization of textile water in concrete by analyzing their durability properties  The basic properties of different stages of effluent such as raw effluent, anaerobic process outlet, and tertiary treated outlet, reverse osmosis feed effluent from the textile industry were tested and the results were found to be satisfactory such that it can be used for construction purposes. By using the four stages of treated effluent, concrete specimens were casted and tested for its mechanical properties (compressive strength and tensile strength) and the results were found to be optimum for anaerobic and tertiary treated outlet Hence the study was planned to continue for durability properties (Acid attack- sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and carbonation) of specimens using anaerobic and tertiary effluent.

Keywords: Concrete, Textile Effluent, Treated Effluent, Water

Article Review Status: Published

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