Distribution of Trace Metals in the Coastal Waters of Caspian Sea, Baku, Azerbaijan


In 2015, dissolved As, Cu and Pb levels were measured for the winter and summer seasons in the coastal waters of Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan. Ten stations were sampled around the vicinity areas of the Hovsan channel and Hovsan WWTP discharge outfall, while control samples were obtained 3 km away from the effluent. Levels of heavy metals were assessed using ICP-MS. Due to the rapid dilution, the concentrations of trace metals increased from coastal to seaward stations. High values of As and Pb were recorded in the Hovsan channel area and control zone in summer, while in winter it was constant high for both area. The hot spot area for Cu was observed in the Hovsan channel site in winter. Heavy metals and solids were generally considerably deleterious at discharge area. The high levels and behavior of the metals were assessed, and it is therefore, correlated to salinity, nitrites and ammonium. Moreover, As and Cu appear to co-vary more with Ammonium and Nitrite ions in the control area for the winter samples compared to the summer samples.

Keywords: Arsenic, Caspian Sea, Coastal Pollution, Copper, Lead, Trace Metals

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