Assessment of Pollution Status of Ikwette Stream at Obudu Cattle Ranch Bottom Hill, Cross River State Calabar Nigeria


The focus of this study is on the assessment of pollution status of Ikwette stream at Obudu cattle Ranch Bottom Hill. Water samples were collected three times in the months of August, September and October 2014. The samples were analogized for physic-chemical and bacteriological parameters. The results of the analyzed samples were compared with the World Health Organization Standard for drinking water (WHO) and (NDWOR).Nigeria Drinking Water Standard. Pollution index (PI) was used the ascertain the level of pollution of the stream. The result indicates that all the stream. The result indicates that all the parameters except chromium (PI of 1) fall with in class 1 indicating no pollution and slightly polluted for chromium which fall with in class 2.

Keywords: Assessment, Pollution, Status, and Stream

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