The Importance of Cadastral Survey Information for Effective Land Administration In Nigeria


Cadastral survey information is a subset of spatial information that is concerned with identifying and maintaining legal boundaries of properties. Land administration in Nigeria must of necessary involve a cadastral input; since land must be discussed in terms of location, extent size shape size shape ownership rights and encumbrances. Cadastral survey information has been positively improved by the advancement in computer and space technology and as well as techniques of information gathering, storage and dissemination for good land administration. Since land plays a major role in human activities. The task of any cadastral survey information is to register in a concise manner ownership-rights and other relationships between man and the land. There will be numerous problems in the country if there is no up-to-date digital database for effective land administration system. At present most of the maps being used for development in all the parts of the country are maps produced over two decades. This made development in some areas difficult because some of the locations on the maps had been physically built-up.

Keywords: Administration, Cadastral Survey Land, Information, Mapping

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