The Effects of Globalization on Nigerian Youths and the Economy


The style of information dissemination throughout the world this time has made the word globalization a common process of bringing the whole world together. As it stands now the information of any event at any part of the world gets to Nigeria or any other part of the world in a very short time. Therefore globalization has come to improve the process of communication and advancement in technology. The fast movements of goods and services, economic liberalism, scientific inventions and discoveries have reduced the large world to a global village. Nigeria as a developing country cannot shy away from globalization, since the country has been exposed to both the negative and positive effects of globalization. The objective of this article is to identify the effects of globalization on the Nigerian youths and the economy. It recognized the good opportunities of globalization, and suggests ways of eliminating the negative effects of globalization. The author reviewed existing literatures on the concepts of globalization and development

Keywords: Economy, Globalization, Nigeria, Productivity, Technology, Youth

Article Review Status: Published

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