Using Oral Corrective Feedback in English Classroom A Case Study of Iranian EFL Students in Iranshahr


The aim of this study was to investigate the implementation of oral corrective feedback in a language classroom and its effect on students’ eagerness to involve in the learning process. It was conducted in a class where the focus was not only on the written form and comprehension but also on their oral production. The study comprised 16 female students, learning English as a foreign language in a language institute in Iran. The researcher used two kinds of techniques for collecting the data, interview and observation. The findings show that there were two types of oral corrective feedback given in the class, i.e. explicit correction and clarification request. The finding also reveals that the implementation of oral corrective feedback has a positive effect on the students’ learning process and their eagerness to involve in communicative activities.

Keywords: : Corrective Feedback, EFL students, Errors


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