A Review of the Status of English Language in the Nigerian School System


The paper reviews the status of English language in Nigerian school system. Various roles of English in Nigerian societies were observed before the status of the language in the primary, secondary and post-secondary school levels were observed. While English language is a subject in some societies at the lower primary level (following the NPE provision for language in the curriculum), it is a subject and the medium of instruction in the upper primary and secondary level. In the post-secondary school level, English is the medium of instruction while General English is introduced to students as a subject in the first and second year respectively. Owing to the significant roles the English language plays in Nigeria educational system, the writer recommended that students’ attitude to the language should change for better. Teachers of English were also advised to improve on their teaching methods, while the government should ensure that qualified hands are employed in the schools. Curriculum planners were also encouraged to review the curriculum on English to harmonize the culture and indigenous languages of the learners since language and culture are two sides of a coin.

Keywords: English, Status, primary, secondary and tertiary level

Article Review Status: Published

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