Investigating the Qualities of EFL Teachers from the Perceptions of the Students


In teaching English as a foreign language, teachers play a key role to enhance students’ learning process. Even though the notion of “quality” cannot be defined simply, in education, the term of quality is essential to provide an effective teaching/learning process. What quality means for the language teachers is that they need to not only master the subject matter but also know how to deliver it effectively. Language teachers also need to understand what their students expect from them in order to develop teacher-student interaction in language classroom. This research focused on the students’ attitudes towards the qualities of a good language teacher in EFL classrooms. This study examines the qualities and competencies that make a good language teacher. The objectives are to identify students’ attitude on the qualities of language teachers and to find out the prominent features of a good language teacher. The data are collected from the Third Year English specialization students from Mandalay Universities of Foreign Languages by means of a set of questionnaire adapted from Murdoch (1997).

Keywords: Competencies, Qualities, Teacher-student interaction, a good language teacher

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