Error Treatment And Perception of Correction During the Training of Speaking Skill


This action research study was carried out to identify teacher strategies to address students errors and students response to and perception on corrective feedback in a group of 11th grade students in Chile. Data was collected through classroom observation, an interview and a questionnaire. The data analysis techniques used were critical incidents for classroom observation and thematic analysis for interview and questionnaire. The results showed the teacher used recasts and prompts to address specific content areas and specific students. Responses from students to corrective feedback were to always self-repair following prompts, but sometimes self-repair following recasts. Their perceptions on the role of error as well as corrective feedback were positive. Through these findings it is expected that the teacher-researcher adjust her practices in order to assist speaking skill training  but also provide insights on Chilean context and encourage more teachers to explore further in classroom-oriented settings that are larger and diverse.

Keywords: : Corrective Feedback, Perception of correction, Self-repair., Speaking Skill

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