Relationship between Learning Environment and Students’ Variables in English Language


This study investigated the relationship between learning environment and SS2 students’ variables in English language in Ebonyi State. Specifically, the study investigated the issues of school learning environment as it relates to SS 2 students’ achievement in English language and attitude towards the subject. The study utilized the correlation research design. Through the purposive random sampling technique a sample size of 540 English language students were used for the study. Three instruments were used to elicit information from the respondents; English achievement Test and a structured questionnaire. The instruments were face validated by experts and yielded the following reliability co-efficient of 0.76 using Cronbach Alpha for school learning environment; the English Achievement Test yielded a reliability co-efficient of 0.78 using Pearson Product Moment Correlation while the instrument on attitude yielded 0.63 using Cronbach Alpha. Two research questions and two hypotheses guided the study. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics of mean and standard deviation to answer the research questions while regression was used to test the hypotheses. Findings of the study showed that there is a significant relationship between the school learning environment and students’ achievement in English language. The study also found a significant relationship between the learning environment and students’ attitude towards English language. Based on these findings, one of the recommendations was that Government and stakeholder in the education industry should improve the school-learning environment by rebuilding, repainting and renovating all the dilapidated school buildings to make them more attractive and conducive for learning so that students’ achievement in English language will improve. Social infrastructures necessary for effective teaching and learning of the English language should also be provided.

Keywords: Achievement, Learning Environment, attitude

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