Teachers’ Perception of Students’ Learning Styles and Their English Teaching at University of Economics – Technology for Industries, Vietnam


This research involves investigating the teachers’ perception of students’ learning style preferences and their English teaching at University of Economics – Technology for Industries, Vietnam. This has been done by descriptive-correlational research method. 45 English teachers at UNETI, Vietnam selected as respondents to answer the Questionnaire and take part in interview. Frequency counts and percentages, central tendency, Pearson correlation were used to analyze the gathered data. Finding revealed that English teachers of UNETI not only acknowledge awareness of students’ learning styles but they also express their high degree of interest teaching to their students according to their students’ learning styles. Most of them initially got familiar with the learning styles concept through reading and finding by themselves. They can use different aids or techniques flexible such as video for visual students, tape record for aural students, group work or pairs work for group students…while delivering a lesson as they realize that different students have different learning styles.However, although all of English teachers confirm that they have awareness of students’ learning styles and they try to gain success in teaching process, some of them still not understand enough about the characteristics of learning styles to recognize and apply them effectively in their teaching process. How to solve this problem?

Keywords: auditory learners, group learners, individual learners, kinesthetic learners, learning styles, tactile learners, visual learners

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