The Design and Implementation of College English Informatization Teaching: A Task-Based English Lesson


Conducting informatization teaching design has become an important issue for college English teachers in China.Owing to task-based teaching method is consistent with the concept of informatization teaching design, a task-based college oral English lesson was designed for the freshmen majoring in International Trade in a vocational college. This paper illustrates the design and implementation of college English informatization teaching from four aspects including teaching analysis, teaching strategies, teaching procedures and teaching evaluation. The task-based informatization teaching design and implementation highlights the students’ oral English application ability and cross-cultural communication ability. During the teaching process, the teacher and the students interacted with each other very well through the task-based activities, thus the teaching effect was significantly improved. However, some problems were discovered in this lesson, the teacher conducted teaching reflection and figured out the solutions to the problems in the follow-up teaching.

Keywords: informatization teaching design; task-based teaching method; college English; vocational colleges

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