Effects of Drama and Theatre on Students’ Achievement in Language Teaching


This study investigated the effects of drama and theatre as a teaching strategy on the achievement of students in English language in Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria. One research question guided the study. 100 students were used as subjects for the study from three different schools. The students in each school were divided into two groups (GA and GB). GA was used as the experimental group while GB was the control group. Both groups were taught a topic together using literature method. They were then subjected to a pre-test. In the next two lessons, GA was taught a topic through the drama and theatre method, while GB remained in the classroom and was taught the same topic using a traditional method. A uniform post-test was administered to both group. The result of the pre-test was compared with that of the post-test. The comparison formed the basis for the analysis, decision and conclusion in this work. The findings revealed that the group that was taught with the drama and theatre method performed better than those taught using the traditional method. Based on this finding, the paper recommends, among others, that all would-be-teachers should be trained in the skills of using drama and theatre as a teaching method.

Keywords: Drama and theatre, English language teaching, Students’ Achievement

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