English Teachers’ Skills Using Play in Teaching English to Initial Grades of Primary Education Level Throughout Irbid First Education Directorate, From Teachers’ Viewpoint in Jordan


: The study aimed to discover to what level English teachers enjoyed using play to teach skills (choice of game skill, classroom control efficiency, game execution skill, evaluation skill) in teaching English to initial grades of the primary education level throughout Irbid First Education Directorate, from teachers’ viewpoint. The study population consisted of 145 teachers in initial grades of primary education schools throughout Irbid First Education Directorate schools for the academic year 2017. The study sample was the whole population for results to be generalized to teachers of other subjects, 145 questionnaires were distributed with 123 returned and 3 disqualified leaving 120 completed questionnaire responses for analysis. The study found that the overall skill of using play in teaching English was of a medium level. However, choice of game skill and evaluation skill were a medium level, classroom control efficiency a low level, game execution skill was of a high level.

Keywords: English Language Teachers, First primary level, Irbid First Directorate., Play, Skills

Article Review Status: Published

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