Challenges in Using Spoken English by Grade Six Learners at a School in Onankali Circuit in Namibia


Research investigating the challenges in teaching and learning using spoken English in schools has shown that many challenges do exist in using spoken English around the world. Although learners are being taught all the English skills usage, it still seems to be a big problem mastering the skill of speaking in schools, specifically the grade six learners at the case school. In the context of Namibia, English is used as a medium of instruction in schools only from grade 4. The major research questions raised in this article were as follows: What are the challenges that learners encounter in using spoken English in the selected school? What measures should be put in place to solve the above challenges? Qualitative research method was used in this study. Data was collected through interviews of four teachers and 12 learners. Teachers and learners gave different perceptions about the usage of spoken English and its challenges. These challenges included shyness, poor vocabulary that causes poor expression ability, the learning environment and lack of confidence. Suggested interventions included parental involvement, the introduction of spelling bee program at the school, more support should be given to teachers as well as strengthening the policy of speaking English all the times at the school.

Keywords: Challenges, Onankali Circuit, Spelling Bee Program, Suggested Interventions

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