Role Play in the English Language Classroom at the Tertiary Level in Bangladesh


Role play is an effective learning and teaching experience for both the students and the teachers.  Through role play, students can have more opportunities to “act” and “interact” with their peers trying to use the English language. It also helps learners in speaking, listening, and understanding English. It lightens the classroom atmosphere and enlivens it. This paper aims at investigating students’ attitudes and perceptions of role play activities in the tertiary level English language classrooms in Bangladesh. The activity was chosen as a classroom task to create a situation for the learners to actively interact in English, and thereby to make the language learning more meaningful and interesting at the same time. The learners found the activities to be challenging as well as interesting. Finally, some recommendations are made to promote the use of role play in Bangladeshi classroom of English to develop communicative competence among the learners.

Keywords: Communicative Competence, Peer Support, Role Play

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