Using Facebook in ELT: Higher Secondary Teachers’ Perspective in Bangladesh


Facebook a widely used new media tool for learning English language in Bangladesh. Teachers of government colleges at Higher Secondary level use Facebook and encourage their learners to use Facebook for learning English language. This study explores the perspective of Higher Secondary teachers in using Facebook for learning English language. This is a mixed method action research conducted in 20 urban government colleges in Bangladesh and the data for the study has been collected through a survey questionnaire of 5-Level Likert scale with 100 English teachers and also with six open ended questions. It is found that teachers believe on students’ use of FB can help them by: practising reading and writing tasks, building communication in English, helping each other in preparing assignments, sharing resources, learning from teacher student. The questionnaire also reveals English teacher’s own use of FB and technical capability of preparing lesson appropriate for FB. The study is concluded with the implication of a future study in the field of flipped teaching of English in Higher Secondary level.

Keywords: Facebook; ELT; English; Secondary; Teacher; Enhancement

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 86-100 (Download PDF)

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