The Relationship between the Achievement of Preparatory Year Students in English Language and Their Achievement in Their Future Studies at Najran University


The study aimed at identifying the relationship between the achievement of preparatory year students in English language and their achievement in their future studies at Najran University. The data of 156 students from four different colleges were involved in this study. Statistical methods such as Pearson correlation coefficient, one-way ANOVA, simple linear regression, mean and standard deviation were used to analyse the data. The study findings revealed that there is a significant positive relationship between English language achievement and academic achievement. It has been also found that there are no significant differences in achievement in English language attributed to different genders. Similarly, there were no significant differences in academic achievement attributed to college type. Depending on the findings above, English language learning should be emphasised, especially before involvement in academic programs. Enhancement of English language learning can take place in a preparatory year program or any other pre-sessional course. The English learning focus within preparatory programs should be given much more emphasis as it is the only way to bridge the gap between weak outcomes from general education and higher education, since it is apparent that English proficiency amongst school leavers is poor.

Keywords: Academic Achievement, Correlation, EFL, English achievement

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