Dynamic Roles of ESL Teachers in Fostering Effective Autonomous Learning


How to motivate English language learners’ – is an age old question; yet, it is even more necessary to figure out how to encourage ESL learners to take charge of their own learning. In Bangladesh, English is taught as second language, but the pathways to success in teaching English to the Bangladeshi learners are rather challenging as there are no specific formula. Thus the paper tries to explore whether and to what extent diverse roles of teachers can enhance students’ acquisition of second language through autonomous learning. This study combines both qualitative and quantitative research methods where research paradigm is pragmatic. Finally, the paper shows that dynamic roles of teachers at tertiary level in Bangladesh can certainly be successful in implementation of autonomous learning among students enabling them to take responsibilities of learning in their own hands for getting prepared to face the challenges of the competitive world outside the classroom

Keywords: Autonomous Learning, Bangladesh, Dynamic role of teachers, English as Second language, Successful Implementation, Tertiary level

Article Review Status: Published

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