Testing and Evaluation in English Language Teaching – A Case of O level English in Nigeria


One of the ways through which feedback can be obtained from the learners on what the teachers had taught them is evaluation. Students’ achievement in a particular course of study can be determined through evaluation. This work observed various aspects of Ordinary Level English in which students’ achievement are often assessed in Nigeria with a view to assisting students in overcoming problems often encountered during such tests and evaluations. Purposes and forms of language tests were briefly discussed. This was followed by a discussion on characteristics of a good language test. The aspect of tests and examinations in West African Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO) was exhaustively discussed to give insight into what both teachers and learners are expected to focus on. It was recommended that students should be encouraged to possess all the recommended textbooks and change their reading habits. Teachers were also encouraged to always make themselves available for the students and be willing to assist them in the areas of difficulties in O Level English.

Keywords: English language teaching, Evaluation, Nigeria, O Level English, Testing

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