Integrating Reading and Writing Instruction in English Language Teaching Programme to Enhance Learners Writing Performance


This paper titled integrating reading and writing instruction in English Language teaching programme to enhance leaner’s English writing performance examined the effect of applying skills integration strategy on the performance of trainees in written English in the areas of content, organisation, expression and mechanical accuracy. The study adopted the quasi-experiment with pre-test-post-test design to study the effect on two groups of students, the experimental and the control groups. Each groups consisted of eighty eight (88) subjects. The experimental group was exposed to integration of reading and writing strategy for six weeks while the control group was not given the treatment. The two groups were tested and the result revealed that the experimental group performed better than the control group because of the treatment given. The paper recommended among others that teachers should adopt integration of skills as a teaching strategy to enhance leaner’s performance in English writing exercises.

Keywords: English language teaching, Integration, Learner’s Writing Performance., Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE), Reading and Writing Instruction

Article Review Status: Published

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