During the cultural pattern of globalization and internationalization, cross-culture communication of films becomes frequent. Translation of film titles is the process of art recreation. Film title is an important part of film language. And it is the first part to be directly confronted with the audience, so its translation plays a critical role in the promotion of the film production. As we all know, film title is part of social language, it relates to aspects of the social culture, eg. politics, economics, history, religion. How to bridge the comprehension gap of the audience from different cultural backgrounds is crucial to film title translation. Context is the environment where language can survive and improve as it restricts language and determines its destiny. As a communication link, it demands communicators constantly adjust themselves to their context in verbal communication. Contextual Adaptation Theory: a hot topic in pragmatics nowadays, mainly talks about the key to bridge the gap of different contextual backgrounds. This paper will discuss the application of contextual adaptation theory in film title translation.

Keywords: Film Title; Translation; Cultural Difference; Contextual Adaptation; Translation Strateg

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