The Effect of Critical Thinking Strategies Instruction on Iranian EFL Learners’ Writing Performance across Genders


– The present study has tried to find out whether critical thinking strategies instructions affect Iranian EFL male and female students’ writing performance. After administering Oxford Quick Placement Test (2001) to 120 participants in Shokuhe Iran Language Center in Tabriz Iran, 80 participants were chosen, 40 male and 40 female. Then All 80 participants were divided into control and experimental groups. 40 in control group including 20 males and 20 females and 40 in experimental group including 20 males and 20 females. Control group did not receive treatment about critical thinking strategies, only CLT was the main method in control group. But experimental group received eight weeks of instruction about critical thinking strategies within their learning syllabus. T-test was conducted to compare the subjects’ means and to determine the effect of gender. The results showed that critical thinking strategies had a significant effect on improving Iranian EFL students’ writings across genders, (p<.05). Both male and female performance improved after the instruction of critical thinking strategies.

Keywords: Critical thinking, critical thinking strategies., writing

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