Multiculturalism: Culture Shocks Faced by International Exchange Students


Globalization can help people gain knowledge and improve learning about how a diversity of the cultures does not cause any conflict, misunderstand, and share knowledge across the culture peacefully. It can be termed as cross-cultural communication. Based on this paper’s aims, this article discussed the theory of multiculturalism (cultural diversity), cross-cultural communication, the types of culture shock, the cases of culture shock experience such as the stages of culture shock and reverse culture shock. Thus, this study aims to discuss the theory of multiculturalism and an overview of culture shocks experienced by the student exchange program. As a result, shock culture experience is found by most of the people who live for some duration times. However, they will face reverse culture shock when returning to their home country, even though some returnees do not experience it.

Keywords: Culture-shock, Multiculturalism, cross-cultural communication, students exchange

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