The Lexis Praxis of Code-Switching By High School Teachers in Elucidating Multifaceted Problems in Sciences and Mathematics Fijian Classrooms


This explanatory study has investigated the use of code-switching by high school teachers in elucidating multifaceted problems, who are subject-area specialists in sciences and mathematics Fijian classrooms. The data for this study were obtained from twelve science teachers and twelve mathematics from randomly selected high schools ranging from Ba to Rakiraki corridors, Fiji. English as the second language and Fiji-Hindi as the first language was used for the comparative analysis of data throughout this study. A structured and semi-structured research questionnaire was used as a tool to collate the data needed for this study. The collected data was analysed through a coding system using Gumperz’s semantic model of conversational code-switching. According to the results of the research, sciences and mathematics high school teachers used code-switching as an applied linguistics learning strategical tool towards assisting the learners in acquiring complex problems using natural language verbalisation.

Keywords: Code Switching, Mathematics, Multilingualism, Natural language, bilingualism, sciences

Article Review Status: Published

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