Rohinton Mistry’s Squatter – A Study in Shahrazadic Narrative Mode


Rohinton Mistry’s narratives draw upon Western realism, the Arabian Nights – Shahrazadic – mode as well as Indian narrative styles, which foreground the role of the narrator or Sutradhar…. Mistry’s Squatter is amenable to a critical reading in the light of the art of oral narrative in Shahrazadic tradition, which prescribes Sense of Audience, Sense of Heritage and values, Reliable Reporting in Private and Collective Memory, Blending Modes and Moods, Digression and Orality/Literacy.

Keywords: Audience, Heritage, Larger Narrative, Micro Narrative, Oral Narrative, Rohinton Mistry, Shahrazadic Tradition

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Pages: 46-49 (Download PDF)

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