The Specs in Enhancing Skills: Analysis of Extensive and Extended Responses to Literary Comprehension Questions


Why do students respond to literary questions the way they should not be? Filipino college students are in great dilemma in answering literary comprehension question. Do Filipino Tertiary teachers do exercises meant to measure skills necessary for ESL learners? Extensive writing does not only mean excessive and exhaustive writing. Extended response writing on the other hand needs writing prompts. Are questions of BSU literature classes extensive and extended? Using Indirect Functional Behavioral Analysis (IFBA), the researcher aimed at finding out the exhibited behavior of the respondents meant to identify possible conditions in the natural environment indirectly affective on the recollection of such problem behaviors. Checklist of literary questions whether or not extensiveness and extendedness was analyzed. Results show the superficiality of either literary questions or writing prompts. Therefore, there is a need for literary questions to be responsive to the specification needs of the learners.      

Keywords: Extensive and Extended Writing, Response Writing Techniques and Prompts, Specification

Article Review Status: Published

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