EOP Needs of Najran University Students As Perceived By Students and Faculty Members


The fact that English nowadays occupies the place of the first language used globally stresses the need for EOP-based curricula. Therefore, analysis of learners’ EOP needs and problems has become merely inevitable. Thus, the present study aimed at examining EOP needs of students at Najran University in the second semester 2014/2015. Two questionnaires were used for this purpose. One questionnaire was administered to faculty members, while the other was administered to students themselves. Findings revealed the agreement of both kinds of participants on the importance of training ESP students to meet EOP needs like reading and writing work-related faxes and emails, using information sources, communicating with foreigners about work, writing work-related reports, using tactful language with people especially customers, and understanding basic principles in work correspondence. A set of recommendations to improve teaching ESP at university was proposed.

Keywords: EOP needs; curriculum design; Saudi students; ESP curricula; needs analysis; Najran University

Article Review Status: Published

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