Students’ Perception of the Use of Electronic Media in ELT Large Classes in Southwestern Nigeria Colleges of Education


This paper examines the effects of using electronic and automated media in ELT classes in Southwestern Nigerian colleges of education. Data for the study were gathered among 180 randomly sampled students from six Southwestern Nigerian colleges of education. The data were analysed through the statistical tool of pie chart. The findings revealed that electronic and digital gadget facilitates the pedagogy in ELT large classes in Southwestern Nigerian colleges of education, reduces boredom in ELT large classes, ameliorates congestion through the use of video/teleconferencing and makes the pedagogy in ELT large classes more scientific. The findings also revealed that electronic and automated gadgets are insufficient and are not properly utilised in Nigerian in ELT large classrooms, while the available automated and electronic gadgets in ELT large classes of Nigerian tertiary institutions are often vandalised and stolen by ethno-religious extremists and rogues. The paper equally states that the use of electronic/automated tools in ELT large classes will not only improve Nigeria’s technology, but it will advance her economy.

Keywords: ELT, Electronic Media, Large Classes

Article Review Status: Published

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