This study aimed at analyzing the cultural content of Action Pack 12. The researchers developed a 12- item cultural checklist based upon previous studies that they had come across. It examined the existence of cultural aspects in Action Pack 12 series in terms of :history and politics, religion & religious rituals, food & drinks, first names, education, ecology, economy, leisure time, music and arts, dress, literature and science, social behaviour (etiquette) in addition to family and male-female relationship. Results of the study showed that Action Pack 12 was heavily loaded with cultural aspects related to Arabic culture and international cultures whereas British culture was given the lowest percentage through the two books of Action Pack 12. Additionally, analysis of the results revealed that Action Pack 12 covered these cultural aspects; literature and science, history and politics, leisure time, music and arts, ecology, first names and finally, food and drinks.

Keywords: Action Pack “12, Analyzing, Cultural Content

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