Basic Design of a Safety Spring Back Mechanism in Automobile during a Head on Collision


The objectives of this research is to initiate the design of a mechanism that will give the vehicle a ball-like behavior and protect both the vehicle and the fragile biological passenger during a head-on collision incident with minimal damage. The component consist of three spring cylinder mechanism behind a light weight non-deformable protective rubber bonded bumper that has a rigid cylindrical thin diameter member, which runs from it to the gear disengagement device designed to withstand an impulsive force of 95000N. Basic scientific theories and equations were used to in the calculations. The severity and impact of head-on collision accidents are such that chances of the people involved, surviving are almost non-existent. The introduction of air power assisted spring cylinder mechanism made the safety spring back mechanism a practical device

Keywords: buckling., helical spring under axial load, maximum deflection, safety spring back

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