An experimental study of Soil-Cement Pile (SCpile) by wet mixing method in sandy soils


This paper introduces the trial investigation of Soil-Cement Pile (SCpile) by wet blending strategy in sandy soils,.With the normal for soil layers is sandy soil, the quality of research facility balanced out soils with the measure of concrete from (150/300) kg/m3was decided. At the same time, the creators additionally played out the trials of 20 test heaps gathered from the site which has concrete substance around 280 kg/m3 and the unconfined compressive quality qu= (4.5/6.0) MPa. From that point forward, a full-scale model static hub compressive burden trial of two single heaps and a gathering of four heaps with breadth 800 mm and 12 m length were likewise directed. The examination results demonstrate that the bearing limit of each and every heap is 1.200 kN with settlement 6.93 mm and the gathering of four CSpiles is 3.200 kN with settlement 5.03 mm. The outcomes exhibited in the paper represent that SCpile is the appropriate answer for establishment development process with ease and sparing time for tall structures. The outcome demonstrates a fit use of soil bond heaps for help of elevated structures.

Keywords: soil-cement pile; sand soil; bearing capacity; laboratory tests; full-scale experiment.

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