Effects of Chisel Plow Shanks Distribution Arrangements and Forward Speed on Machine Performance Index in clay Soil


In Khartoum states –Sudan, the farmer currently seemed to start more widely use the chisel plow for many considerations, such as the rough soil surface and/or surface residue left by these tillage practices have been found to reduce sediment concentrations and in some cases the volume of runoff water; and the performance data for the ploughing operation is essential to reduce cost of ploughing operation and make economic decisions. The effect of two shank distribution arrangements and two tractors forward speed (4.5km/hr. and 7.5km/hr.) on machine effective field capacity, fuel consumption, travel reduction, draft, drawbar power and Percentage of Plowed Area versus Non – plowed were therefore examined in a bid to establish their optimum operating conditions. The study was performed at the Demonstration Farm; College of agricultural studies; Sudan University of Science and Technology – Sudan, The soil type in the study site is predominantly clay. The results showed that, the mean of Effective field capacity for Sp1 and Sp2 at shank arrange 1 were 0.36 ha/hr and 0.62 ha/hr. Pooled data of fuel consumption showed that forward speed of Sp2 was having the highest fuel consumption of 12.93 Lit./ha at shank arrange2, The treatments of shank arrange 2 produced higher draft of 10.95 kN while the lowest draft of 9.14 kN was obtained by treatment of shank arrange1, A statistically, there were significant influences of shanks distribution arrangements on machine draft, while no  significant difference (P<0.05) was observed in total power requirements among the two shanks  arrangements  (arrange1  and  arrange2)  for  the  two different  forward  speed  (Sp1 and  Sp2). Statistical analysis (P<0.05) showed that increasing the forward speed, increased effective field capacity, fuel consumption and wheel slippage significantly while there was no significance effect on machine draft.

Keywords: Drawbar Power, chisel plow, machine draft, shanks distribution arrangements

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