A New Principle for Elimination of Applied Defects in the Relativity Theory


This paper puts forward the force equilibrium invariance axiom and derives the force transformation formula of the special relativity; puts forward the correlation analysis law and eliminates some problems resulted from the improper application of relativity; puts forward the principle of absolute velocity, determines the running speed of any moving object in real time, and solves the problem of twin paradox; puts forward the corresponding principle and determines the relationship between the rest mass and the reference frame; puts forward the concept of absolute transformation and relative transformation and clarifies two different natures of Lorentz transformation; puts forward the field similarity principle and determines the gravitational mass as a constant that has nothing to do with the velocity; infers that the equivalence principle is false and that the general relativity is only applicable to low speed moving objects; puts forward the gravity double equilibrium principle and concludes that Black Hole could not exist. It also analyzes the limiting speed of manned spaceship, and concludes that human beings cannot realize time travel of practical significance.

Keywords: Absolute Velocity, General Relativity, Lelative Velocity, Lorentz Transformation, Special Relativity, Time Running Speed

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