Design and Implementation of LQG Strategies for Temperature Control under Greenhouse


In order to introduce dynamic model based to climate controlling in real-time an environmental control computer system integration witch electronic communication and software interfaces was developed. This paper presents greenhouses control problem of internal temperature which a solution through an optimal control methodology was introduced. So we begin our study by given a state space model using N4SID numerical algorithms for subspace identification algorithm model that allows estimating KALMAN state and Linear Quadratic LQR gain. This evaluates parameters permits to control the inside temperature in real time by Linear Quadratic Gaussian LQG controller. LQG/LTR-based controllers for a heater and for a ventilator have been presented and the stability of switched system will be approved by a good performances management. This controller will be developed by a blocks of software SIMULINK/MATLAB.

Keywords: Data Acquisition, Identification, Kalman Filter, LQG Controller, N4SID Algorithm

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