Scale Effects on Discharge and Sediment Transport Rates of Taiwan within 1994 and 2014


In Taiwan, severe damages occurred due to large and sudden variations in discharge resulting from variable rainfall during typhoons occurring in tropical climatic zoon and combining erosion, sediment transport and deposition, resulting in significant changes in riverbeds and river-basin. Systematic measurements of sediment transport rates and water discharge were conducted in Taiwan. By using the records of daily rainfall of floods, daily mean discharge, and sediment content for connecting the magnitude of sediment transport from Hydrological Year Book of Taiwan R.O.C., the rating curves between annual mean discharge and the corresponding sediment transport rate were built with the concepts of sediment yield for the whole Taiwan, 7 different regions and the given 19 rivers respectively with the regressive coefficients, R square, are acceptable. The influence on the results, such as rainfall, floods, typhoon, water contain of soil, hill-slope, etc., were also discussed here.

Keywords: Rating Curves; Rainfall; Flood; Discharge; Sediment Content; Erosion; Sediment Transport Rate; Typhoon; Regressive Coefficients; R square; 95% Confidence Interval;

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