Shifting From Analogue to Digital TV Using IPTV Protocol


The problem is that the analogue television broadcasting will end in the year 2015. That is, any analog TV channels will not protected after this year. Switching entirely to digital technology and take advantage of the Internet protocols in broadcasting and various compression techniques become necessary. So researcher aimed to highlight the importance of digital and inevitable techniques to take advantage of online networks, leading to provide TV services over the Internet Protocol IPTV. The objectives of the research is to apply TV Internet protocol (IPTV) with VLC program, and Opnet modeler to simulate the IPTV system and measure system efficiency. The researcher used the experimental method and simulation program to conduct this research. It was found helpful to shift from analogue to digital broadcasting because it is efficient and reliable.

Keywords: OPNET Modeler, Simulation, Video on Demand (VOD)

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