Effect of Wind Turbine Generators on the Small Signal Stability of Power Systems


Wind energy provides a viable and environmentally friendly option. It can add security to national energy system with decreasing global reserves of fossil fuels. So for increasing wind power penetration, the wind farms (WFs) will be directly influencing the power system. Recent technologies related to wind energy are mostly equipped with doubly fed induction generators (DFIG) because of its many advantages. This paper establishes simulation model with the IEEE 9 and IEEE 14 bus systems considering replacement of the synchronous generator in these systems one by one by wind turbines based DFIG at the same MVA ratings and changing the location of wind resources. The PSAT simulation environment based on Matlab software is used to analyze the small signal stability of the grid interconnection of the different types of wind turbines. The results show that wind power integration can have a positive or negative impact on small signal stability of the power system depending on the location of the wind farm.

Keywords: Doubly Fed Induction Generators, PSAT, Power System Small Signal Stability, Wind Energy, Wind Farm

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