Advanced techniques of medical image processing and analysis find widespread use in medicine. Various imaging modalities like CT scan, MRI, ultrasound are being used for imaging brain tumors. In recent years, MRI has emerged as the best for clear identification of cancer and other anomalies in breast, prostate, liver, brain etc. The tumor detection becomes more complicated for the huge image database especially when edema is present with the tumor. So a software approach is needed to aid the accurate, faster clinical diagnosis.

Proposed work focuses on the detection of brain tumor and edema from MRI images using MATLAB and clear distinction between tumors and edema. The objective is to provide advanced image processing tools in a format that is user friendly and is inexpensive too. The study aims to introduce an algorithm which incorporates useful operations on the MRI brain image including filtering, enhancement, arithmetic operations, segmentation, extracting region of interest, and morphological operations. Here we detect the tumor and edema, segment them and the final image having clear boundary between edema and tumor is superimposed on the original image to highlight the tumor and edema boundaries. Our study aims to help the physician for surgical planning.


Keywords: Edema, Histogram Equalization, Image Superimposition, MRI images, Segmentation, Sobel Edge Detection Filter, co-resemblance

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