International Journal of Energy and Environmental Research (IJEER) is an interdisciplinary journal published by the European Centre for Research Training and Development, United Kingdom. The journal covers the social, economic and political dimensions of such issues at both national and international level. The journal is aimed at natural scientists, technologists and the international social science and policy communities. It publishes original contributions that deal with direct and indirect environmental impacts of energy acquisition, transport, production and use. The scope includes energy conservation, and the interaction of energy forms and systems with the physical environment. Papers covering energy related aspects of wider environmental questions such as the use of fuel wood and continuing impacts of de-forestation are considered. IJEER welcomes exceptional contributions in these areas and other related areas and also publishes book reviews of potential interest to readers.

Papers submitted to this journal must be original, and not considered in any other journal. The journal is published in both print and online versions. The online version of the journal is free access and downloads.

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