Solar Water Supply for Rural Communities in Rivers State, Niger Delta of Nigeria


Several communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria are without electricity to pump water. Hospitals, health centers and schools that served a sizable population of the rural dwellers in the Niger Delta region are also affected. The used of solar energy for providing drinking water for rural areas of Niger Delta region of Nigeria has been presented. Data analysis and mathematical computations showed that Rivers State has monthly solar radiations up to 4kWh/m2/day, which is capable of pumping water from boreholes for communities with population more than 500 people. A systematic design process of an integrated solar-based water pumping system is presented. A method of solar water pumping design and sizing under Niger Delta environmental and meteorological conditions is presented. Evaluation of selected water installations in Rivers State indicated that solar water system is technologically viable in the region. Solar water pumping proved to offer sustainable solution to the challenge of drinking water supply in Rivers State and the entire Niger delta region. Policy makers and decision makers, in Rivers State should therefore decide in favor of solar water pumping systems when providing drinking water for the rural communities of the State.

Keywords: Niger-Delta, Rivers State, Rural Communities, Solar Water pumping

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