A Critical Analysis of the Challenges Faced By Residents in London Borough of Brent in Obtaining Social Housing


‘Social housing’ has become an urgent and important topic of discussion in London Borough of Brent. In England and Wales the social welfare system has been in existence for many years and the public housing system also is mature. However, in recent times the supply of social housing has basically dried up, requiring a significant investment to build, and/or bring into use, on average 50,000 additional homes, in order to stop the decline and meet the 10% annual increase in housing demand. The gap between the rich and poor is considerably large, and is still increasing; many people with low income cannot afford their own houses since the minimum down-payment requirement is increasingly high. This explorative research provides an overview of ‘Social housing’ in London Borough of Brent in order to find out some applicable policy suggestions for the Borough’s housing system. Results of analysis show that current housing status in Brent reflects some of the general housing difficulties faced by residents across the country particularly London, in that, for one, it takes a long time for a householder to achieve down payment on their target property in order to assume full house ownership due to inflated house price and difficulty of mortgage market since the banking crises.

Keywords: Borough of Brent, Challenges, Social Housing, residents

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