Assessment of Renewable Energy in Portugal Power Systems


Increasing concerns about the changes Climate Security of supply is available to significantly investment in the exploitation of RES (renewable energy sources) to generate electricity, the possibility of reaching 100 % RES is debatable, but concerned. Storage costs and capabilities Backup is still valid, this paper focuses on renewable energy scenario for the electricity sector, the analysis of future strategy. In contrast It is possible for Portugal, one of these strategies, each person will tried with the expected amount of electricity and replacement parts with the objective analysis of the situation RES 100 % chance Energy PLAN tools to analyze the system . energy used for each simulation scenario RES 100 % for one year will find that it is possible in theory , but increased significantly with the total capacity of the system is required to . Make sure that there is a shortage in the summer result is significant overcapacity in the winter and a significant increase of the total cost of the system, importance. Interconnection is the stabilization and consolidation of storage systems has been discussed for high system dependent on renewable energy sources.

Keywords: Electricity system, Portugal, Renewable energy sources

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