The Impact of Nanotechnology on Nanoart to Create Artwork: An Analytical Study


Nanotechnology is the ability to restructure and control matters at molecular levels. They are manipulated or arranged at the nanoscale form to provide better coatings, composites, or additives to create new materials with fundamentally new properties and functions. When the size of a particle changes, it can change colour. That is because, in Nanometer-scale particles, the arrangement of atoms reflects light differently. Gold, for example, can appear dark red or purple; silver can appear yellowish-Coloured. For the principle of teaching decorative design curricula in the technical education department (TED) in the State of Kuwait, the importance of the artistic values of visual art is for monitoring and sampling some of the creative Nano artwork collections. The present research discusses how Nanoparticles are classified on their application, utilising the engineering technology technique in response to Nano artwork visualised with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and painted for innovative artwork.

Citation: Abdul Mohsen El Sayegh  (2022) The impact of Nanotechnology On Nanoart to Create Artwork: An Analytical Study, International Journal of Education, Learning and Development, Vol. 10, No.10, pp.29-47

Keywords: Nano artwork, Nanotechnology, nanoparticles


Article Review Status: Published

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