Investigation, Analysis and Suggestions of Online Learning in Guangdong Universities during the Epidemic Situation: Based on the empirical research of 67 undergraduate universities in Guangdong Province


Under the background of the COVID-19 outbreak, an emergency policy initiative called “Suspending Classes without Stopping Teaching and Learning” was launched in China to continue teaching activities as schools across the country were closed. Universities in Guangdong province have organized the largest online teaching practice in history in a very short time. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the development and effect of online learning in undergraduate colleges and universities in Guangdong province, the author team conducted a questionnaire survey of “Online Teaching in Undergraduate Colleges in Guangdong Province”. Based on the survey data of 462,499 students from 67 colleges and universities in Guangdong province, this article analyzes the online learning behavior, online learning experience, and online learning evaluation of students in detail, summarizes the online learning experience of Guangdong college students, and finds the problems in online learning. And then puts forward the prospect of online learning in colleges and universities during the post-epidemic period.

Keywords: Guangdong universities; online learning; questionnaire; learning result; COVID-19

Article Review Status: Published

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