Environmental Adult Education for Socio-Environmental Change,


Human perceptions of the environment, and attitudes towards it, have evolved as an integral part of the long history of human interactions with the rest of nature. Consequently, these interactions cause untold damage or deplete the natural resources on which humans depend. Contemporary public attitudes reflect today’s environment, today’s information, and today’s economic, social and political circumstances. Changing human behaviour towards the environment similarly demands the alteration of perception and attitudes and especially the creation of circumstances under which the new behaviour is seen both rational and possible. People will accept a new ethic for sustainable living when they are persuaded and convinced that it is right to do so, when they have sufficient information, and when they are enabled to obtain the required knowledge and skills. This is the necessity for environmental adult education for socio-environmental change which is the focus of this paper.

Keywords: Education, environmental adult, socio-environmental change

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